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Who is Alrawdha Foodstuff Industry؟

Alrawda Foodstuff Industry is one of the largest food industries in the United Arab Emirates.

Since its establishment in 2013, the name Alrawdha has become synonymous with quality among consumers through the spread of its brand "Syriana" Under the slogan of the authentic Syrian taste.

How can I find out what ingredients are in the products؟

Ingredients for products come from a variety of sources using a variety of production methods. All ingredients are derived from natural sources.

?What roles are usually employed in Alrawdha؟

Whatever you are at any stage of life, Alrawda Foodstuff Industry is the right place for you.

Browse vacancies on our career portal.

How can I order from Alrawdha Foodstuff Industry؟
Ordering is easy, you can contact our customer service at +97167403313 or by email at info@alrawdha-ind.com, or via our online store
Can I cancel my order؟

You can cancel the order up to the point of product filling and shipping without applying any fees, but once the product is filled and ready for shipment, you cannot cancel the order according to the cancellation terms on the terms and conditions page. For assistance with this, please contact our Customer Service team who are happy to assist.

What is the best way to store tahini?
Store at room temperature away from direct exposure to sunlight and in an airtight container.