The ingredients:

Syriana Premium Tahina (3 tablespoons)
warm water (one cup)
warm milk (1 cup)
yeast (tablespoon)
salt (teaspoon)
flour (6 cups)
Egg whites (2 pcs.)
sugar (3 tablespoons)
Rolled butter (one stick)

How to prepare:

1- Milk, sugar and yeast are kneaded, then add the rest of the ingredients while continuing to knead until you get a soft and cohesive dough.
2- We cover the dough until it ferments, then divide the dough and sprinkle the starch on its surface.
3- Roll out the dough, mix the butter well with the tahini, and then spread it over the entire dough.
4- Sugar is sprinkled, the layers are repeated, then spread out, cut and laid out in a tray, and the tray is brushed with egg yolk.
5- In the last step, we put it in the oven until it is level and until its surface becomes red.

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