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A story of quality & excellence

Welcome to the world of Alrawdha Foodstuff Industry, where a commitment to quality and sustainability is embodied in every detail. From premium olive oil to exquisite tahini & halawa tahinia in various flavors, we offer you a unique range of food products that reflect our attention to detail and our dedication to elevating your food experience.


At Alrawdha, we firmly believe that the cornerstone of product quality lies in the selection of premium ingredients. We diligently source the freshest olive oils, ripe pomegranates, and meticulously roasted whole seeds. This dedication to ingredient quality imparts an exceptional character to our products.



From the heart of El Gedaref, where the lands are renowned for producing the finest sesame seeds, comes to you Syriana's premium tahini. Loaded with an irresistible flavor and unparalleled quality.


Tahinia Halawa

In a world distinguished by rich flavors and craftsmanship, we present to you a delicious halawa tahinia with a rich flavor, carrying with it a heritage of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail


Olive Oil

Enjoy a unique taste journey with Syriana's premium olive oil. We take pride in offering an olive oil that blends premium flavor with exceptional health benefits.


Pomegranate molasses

In a world adorned with exquisite flavors, Syriana brings you its premium pomegranate molasses, a masterpiece that combines refined taste and premium quality.


Date Syrup

Syriana presents to you date molasses, a sweet touch that blends the natural sweetness of dates with unparalleled quality. It pairs excellently with Syriana's premium tahini.